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Enterprise pays great attention to talents, treasures talents, develops talents, uses talents, retains talents, improves talents.

Core philosophy:

Let people have more opportunity to be a director.

1. The principle of having both ability and political integrity. Select and use people in accordance with the comprehensive measurement, require both ability and political integrity. We insist on not only virtuous is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, both of them are important.

2. "Effect theory " principle In using talents, we pay more attention to ability other than educational background. We concern more about your talents other than diploma. As long as you do a good job, we will not care about your identity, your educational background and your age. Excellent job gives you a higher position. At present, the average age of the company's technical staff and middle management personnel is around 35, average age of workshop director is about 30. Although they are not old, and some of them don't have too much high degree, they have abilities, motivation and performance. We adhere to the "effect theory" employing mechanism, so that a large number of people, who have both ability and political integrity, become the pillar of our enterprise.

3. The principle of practice is the first. Over the years, who were working in HIGHFINE ENGINEERING LTD, we will arrange them to the first workshop production, to improve them in practice, and then select through the public examination.

4. The principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent, we choose the people who are with good talent; otherwise, can only be eliminated.

5. The principle of "Everyone is talented " In the using of the talents, remove the mode and mystery, Appropriate for people, quantity to apply. As long as in the right position to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is certainly significance talent. We follow this principle, arrange people according to their level, expertise, experience, character, arrange them to the relatively suitable position, give full scope to the talents, do their best, promote enterprise sustainable, fast, and efficient development.

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